TikTok is not only my guilty pleasure for entertainment, but also my secret source for finding the products that everyone is talking about. These products also happen to make great gifts for people both on and off the app.

If you’re not into scrolling through dance routines, cat videos or “get ready with me” content in order to find the latest in gift inspiration from this past year, don’t worry, I did it for you.

The upcoming collection of TikTok-viral products contains everything from recently resurgent beauty products, the latest in style items and several crowd-pleasing tech gadgets, all ready to be gifted to that trendy person in your life.

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A collectible Lego typewriter

Lego has tons of adult-ified versions of collectible displays, including gorgeous floral arrangements, vintage cars or this functioning typewriter that actually clicks, dings and moves just like a real one. Perfect for anyone that's into building full-scale models, this retro-inspired set is made with 2,079 Lego pieces and will look great on your gift-receiver's book shelf or desk.


A pair of fuzzy-lined Crocs

The fleece-covered Crocs slippers that TikTok helped to sell out in a matter of days back in November are no longer available anywhere, but this fuzzy-lined version of the classic Crocs clog is a beloved close second, according to people on the app. Available in nine colors and women's sizes 6-12 or men's sizes 4-13, these shoes feature the brand’s reliable and lightweight comfort with an added layer of soft and fleecy warmth.


A hydrating and invisible K-beauty sunscreen

TikTok has always helped to share the latest in K-beauty products, especially when it comes to sunscreen formulas that don't feel like traditional sunblocks at all. One sunscreen that went particularly viral this year is this formula from Round Lab. It's a hydrating daily broad-spectrum SPF 50 sun cream that is lightweight, non-greasy and fast-absorbing and doesn't leave a white cast. It feels cool and refreshing on the skin and contains both birch tree sap and hyaluronic acid to help keep skin moisturized throughout the day and layers beautifully under makeup. As a personal fan of Round Lab's sun cream, I can attest that it lives up to its claims and I would be more than pleased to find it in my stocking on Christmas morning.


A countertop ice maker for crunchy ice

TikTok taught me and so many others the joys of "chewy ice," a smaller cube with an addictive crunchy texture that instantly crumbles with every bite. Other fans of the stuff claim that this Euhomy countertop ice maker is just the tool for the job because it can whip up a 26-pound batch of chewy ice in just six minutes. It has a space-conscious design and is also self-cleaning.


The latest generation of Bose noise-cancelling earbuds

Bose is definitely a standout in the world of noise-canceling listening and their QuietComfort II earbuds are the brand's latest offering to find its way to TikTok. These buds come with impressive claims both on and off the app for their ability to deliver high-fidelity audio with crisp notes and rich bass that remains balanced and clear no matter what volume is set. Available in a few color options, these buds feature the brand's proprietary noise-cancelling technology, which smartly personalizes the level of noise dampening to a person's ears and even includes a true quiet mode that silences noisy surroundings for an immersive listening experience.


An insulated dual-sip Owala water bottle

The famed Owala FreeSip water bottle is an adored drinking vessel for a few reasons: It's fully leakproof, easy to clean, keeps contents cold or hot thanks to the double-wall insulated design and features dual drinking options — straw or swig — without the need to switch out a lid or make adjustments. This particular 24-ounce bottle comes in tons of aesthetic color combinations to satisfy the tastes of everyone on your list.


A powerful FDA-cleared LED mask

This definitely isn't the first time that we've mentioned Dr. Dennis Gross' DRx SpectraLite FaceWave Pro LED light mask, an advanced item in skin care that also happens to be enjoying a popularity resurgence on TikTok. This FDA-cleared device claims to harness the benefits of light therapy, a technology that was typically only enjoyed in medi-spas and dermatologists offices. It claims to address nearly every skin concern, from fine lines to redness to acne, thanks to its combination of both red and blue lights that can support collagen production and offer antibacterial properties.


An ink-free Bluetooth printer

The perfect practical present for anyone who doesn't want to bother investing in a traditional printer but finds themselves often needing one, this uber-convenient model is trending on TikTok for a couple reasons. For one, it doesn't ever require the use of ink and cumbersome cartridge refills thanks to its thermal printing technology. It also takes up virtually no space and can seamlessly connect to a phone to run printing jobs anywhere.


A popular vaccum-mop

Spilled beverages, pet hair and every kind of dry or wet mess in between is no match for this viral vacuum mop by Tineco that first caught my eye on TikTok, where it was put to the test in front of a group of party-goers who seemed to be impressed by its cleaning magic. This cordless cleaner simultaneously vacuums and mops a variety of hard floor types and leaves them streak-free and dry once it's done. And after each use, the Tineco can run a self-cleaning cycle to prevent any odor.


A popular pair of ultra-high rise premium Levi's

I myself succumbed to the TikTok-popularity of these Ribcage jeans from Levi's that are designed with the brand's highest rise yet and, in my opinion, the perfect everyday jean. They are super flattering around the waist and hips and have a slimming effect that elongates my legs, something that I'm grateful for as a person who’s a little on the shorter side. But if the ankle cut isn't your gift-receiver’s cup of tea, these also come in three lengths, a wide-leg style and tons of washes.


A long-lasting blurring powder and setting spray from One Size

You may have heard about the makeup offerings from One Size because the On 'Til Dawn setting spray was used on Beyoncé herself to ensure her makeup stayed budge-proof on the Renaissance tour. After that, both the spray and the blurring setting powder made viral rounds on TikTok and are often sold out. The powder, which comes in four shades including translucent, leaves behind a slightly matte and silky smooth texture that won't settle into fine lines and can even improve the appearance of textured skin.


An adorable mounting Sonny Angel figure

This adorable little stocking stuffer has taken the hearts of TikTok users everywhere, myself included. If you're not familiar with the Sonny Angel phenomenon, they are a collection of sweet figurines that come in blind bag packaging and in tons of different series, from animals to baked goods to vegetables. Recently, the company launched their Hipper line, which feature a forever-sticky adhesive so the Sonny Angel can be mounted on any flat surface. I have a few on my laptop and one on my phone case, and I cannot tell you the joy that it gives me everyday when I see it.


A chic Nettie pickleball set

Pickleball is a fast-growing sport played by what seems like everyone lately, and this set from Nettie will ensure that any pickleball player in your life looks good while doing it. Available in a few different patterns, this set has been approved by the USA Pickleball organization and includes two paddles, two balls and two sweatbands.


A Revlon heated styling brush

We've all seen the popularity surrounding the Revlon One Step air drying brush, and the brand is also behind this new viral hair styling tool that many TikTokers claim is a must. Perfect for any beauty lover that wants to create gorgeous blowouts that look fresh from the salon, the Revlon styling brush doesn't use any hot air, but instead has a heated one-inch ceramic barrel and silicone bristles that help create big volume and sleek curls. This is also a good alternative for anyone who's been dying to try a heated round brush but can't get their hands on one in the wake of both the TikTok-viral Amika thermal brush and the five-in-one WavyTalk styling tool being sold out.


A Graza Drizzle & Sizzle olive oil set

If you've ever found yourself on #cooktok, you've most likely seen trendy home chefs displaying these sumptuous olive oils by Graza on their countertops. Packaged in perfect oil-dispensing squeeze bottles, this set includes Sizzle, made specifically for cooking, and Drizzle, which is made for finishing off breads, salads or pastas. Both extra virgin oils feature unique flavor profiles and are made from 100% Picual olives sourced directly from Spain.

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